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  • The Amazing Story of Helen Keller’s Success Before She Was Born

    An American author, lecturer and political activists – Helen Adam Keller is a great example of advocacy and dynamism for all the people with various disabilities. She was born on June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama, United States. She proved to the world that deaf-blind people can also gain an education – a definition of […] More

  • Everything You Need To Know About America’s Got Talent’s Deaf Semi-Finalist

    The America’s Got Talent Semi-Finalists for 2017 included 29-year-old singer and song writer Mandy Harvey, who is deaf and very talented. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and specializes in jazz and pop music. Born with hearing problems, Mandy Harvey started singing at a very young age. In high school, she was named the “Top […] More

  • Cool Facts about American Sign Language

    Who benefits from ASL? Necessity is the mother of invention; sign language is used by many people and even creatures! 1. It’s another process than spoken languages due to its visual and spatial nature and exercises a different part of the brain. 2. ASL was originally invented for deaf communication-80% of deaf babies are born […] More

  • Amazing Things to Know About Interpreters

    images from Interpreters are an integral part of each deaf person’s life, there is no argument about it. Doctor’s appointments, scheduling the kids’ playtime, calling a co-worker, taking courses to finish that BA degree, everything—interpreters are there with the deaf client through it all. But did you know these facts about interpreters? Even the […] More

  • Did you know this about Deaf Soldiers?

    Today is Memorial Day, the day out of each year that United States citizens take a pause and remember all the lives sacrificed for their country. Today is also a great day to learn some interesting bits of long-forgotten history about deaf citizens! Did you know that the US Civil War was the last recorded […] More

  • Pasadena’s ASL Program Declared To Continue

    Pasadena, California, the Board of Education’s meeting room overflowed with ASL speakers and supporters. A total of 48 speaking cards were submitted before the meeting began, more cards were filled during the meeting, creating an overflow of intended speakers. Because of this, each speaker was allowed only two minutes to make time for everyone to […] More

  • Students Petition to Save School’s ASL Program After Cuts

    Pasadena, California is a city of incredible diversity–not only does it have some of the nation’s top schools and humbly boasts of one of the oldest Old Towns in Los Angeles, there is also a multitude of languages spoken here. All things considering, it’s contradictory that one of Pasadena’s largest secondary schools cut out American […] More

  • Ford Motor Company Funds Initiative For Deaf Employment in Germany

    Six months ago, Ford Motor Company awarded a program at the University of Cologne for the 2017 Ford College Community Challenge. The University’s program’s objective is to help deaf citizens gain entry into the hospitality industry such as restaurants, hotels, and cafes. Today, the program is still operating in the city. It began when a group […] More

  • Meet Egypt’s Only Dentist and How She Beat All Odds

    Meet Esraa, currently Egypt’s only deaf dentist. Esraa has one strong goal: to prove to her country and the rest of the world that a deaf person can become a dentist. She has already accomplished her goal repeatedly with every patient who enters her dental office! In Egypt, Esraa was labeled as “unfit” upon discovering […] More

  • Google’s Home Picture Picture Has “I Love You” ASL Sign

    March 31, 2017— Today Google announced the winner of their annual contest, Doodle 4 Google: Sarah Harrison from Connecticut with her drawing “A Peaceful Future.” This year’s theme was “what I see for the future:” ? Let’s hear it for Sarah Harrison, whose vision of “a peaceful future” is our #Doodle4Google contest winner! […] More

  • Eat Gourmet Hamburgers at this Inclusive Restaurant in Chile

    El restaurant inclusivo de Ñuñoa A Juan, quien tiene hipoacusia severa profunda en su oído derecho y sordera total en su oído izquierdo, le cerraron los puertas para trabajar en lo que estudió, gastronomía. Pero no quiso quedarse de brazos cruzados y emprendió con esta gran idea → Posted by on Friday, March […] More

  • First Ever Deaf Golfer Competes In PGA Genesis Open

    Kevin Hall is confident about his first time in a PGA tour at the Genesis Open in Pacific Palisades, California. When asked why, he says it’s because no matter what happens he’s very happy to have made it this far. Hall became deaf at 2 years old and started learning golf at 9 years old. […] More

  • ZVRS Buys Out Purple Communications

    February 14, 2017–Purple Communications, one of the original video relay systems for deaf communications, has been acquired by ZVRS. Both companies have agreed to work together to improve relay services for the deaf community and feel that they can achieve more if they shared technology and information together. What does this mean for Purple customers? […] More

  • Introduction to Kenya’s First Deaf Professional Rapper

    Before he became Lal Daggy, Douglas Munyendo was listening and dancing to various musicians who came on the radio and televisions as a child in Nairobi, Kenya. It was when he was five years old that he became very sick and lost his hearing. A childhood of music quickly silenced After becoming deaf, he was […] More

  • Jackie Chan’s Big Sign Language Hit At Chinese New Year Festival

    Jackie Chan sings and signs about his love for China. Posted by Shanghaiist on Friday, January 27, 2017 Jackie Chan, the actor, sang in Chinese Sign Language this year on China’s largest broadcasting network, CCTV’s Gala special celebrating the Chinese New Year. The song is nationalistic, Chan sings about his love for China and pride […] More

  • The Top 5 Good Things That Happened For the Deaf In 2016

    This has been quite a year of changes, some good and some bad. We’d like to kick off the New Year with a list of positive things that happened in 2016! For the first time in television history, a deaf celebrity won a dancing show America already loved Nyle DiMarco when he proved his modeling […] More

  • North Dakota’s Deaf Children’s Bill of Rights Went Into Effect This Year

    After several proposals from Deaf educators, parents of deaf children, and advocates in 2015, North Dakota’s Legislature passed the House Bill 1366: Deaf and HOH Children’s Bill of Rights. HB 1366 went into effect this year, requiring all hearing schools to provide accommodations for deaf children who attend their schools. If they cannot do so, […] More

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