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  • Deafness And Space Exploration: A Love Affair Of The Century

    Did you know that we have a comet named after a deaf man? That would be Hassel’s Comet. Did you know that astronomers today would never have had the Harvard Classification Scheme for cataloguing the stars if it wasn’t for a deaf astronomer named Annie Jump Cannon? And not to mention notable deaf astronomers Robert […] More

  • 10 Cool Things About The Blockbuster “A Quiet Place”

    The horror movie A Quiet Place is already a major success at the theaters and became the second top box office hit this year after Black Panther! The addition of a deaf character adds another layer of horror and makes effective use of American Sign Language as a plot/coping device, making A Quiet Place one of this year’s […] More

  • List of Academy Award Films With Sign Language In History of Oscars

    At this year’s Academy Awards, the dreamy film The Shape of Water  with its 13 nominations has the highest number of nominations that any film with sign language has had in the history of the Academy! There have been winners and nominations with deaf characters and sign language since the Academy was established in 1928, only […] More

  • 8 Essential FCC Rules For VRS Interpreted For Your Awareness

    With the rise in video relay’s popularity, there are rules put in place by the FCC to protect consumers and their providers (Sorenson, ZVRS, Purple, Convo, etc.) The list below are some of the most recent rules and their interpretations: (NOTE: “Providers” are companies that provide the video relay service and equipment, such as Convo, […] More

  • Major Development for Deaf Emergency Access In Los Angeles

    The City of Los Angeles now has the Text-To-911 emergency contact available for the public and deaf and hard of hearing in Los Angeles, California. This means anyone can text to 911 in an emergency as long as they are in the city of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) urges the public, […] More

  • Hollywood’s Latest Love Story Is About Sign Language Users

    December 7, 2017—Guillermo Del Toro’s latest fairy tale love story The Shape of Water will be released in theaters across the nation. The film takes place in Baltimore, Maryland during the 1960s Cold War and centers around a mute janitor who works at a high-security laboratory within the government. She uses sign language for communication […] More

  • Running as The First Deaf Runner for NCAA’S Cross-Country Title

    November 18, 2017– The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division III cross-country race will be held in Elsah, Illinois. Student athletes from all over the nation will be there to compete, including the deaf runner Otto Kingstedt. Otto Kingstedt is a deaf student from Sweden who is currently studying at Rochester Institute of Technology. He is […] More

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