5 Ways to Get the Best Airline Deals

1. Book your flights two months before the trip. The longer you wait, the prices go up!




2. Be flexible with your trip date. Airfare varies by day, so pick the least expensive departure and return first then plan your trip!



3. The minute you see a good deal, get it! Great deals show up and disappear quickly, so when you see one, get it right away. If you see a better deal on the same day, you can call within 24 hours to cancel.



4. Fly out on a Tuesday or Saturday. This is because the rest of the week is busy, so the flights will be more expensive. Tuesdays and Saturdays tend to have less people traveling and the prices are at the lowest.



5. Sign up for airline alerts on rates! Many airlines have sign-ups where they will email you notifications of rates and deals. You can sign up directly at any or all of these airlines:



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