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  • What is Light Flashes? How One Woman Revolutionized Deaf Improv

    What is Light Flashes? Imagine it is the year 1993 and sitting in a theater with the lights dimming just a bit, increasing the anticipation of the show. The spotlight moves across the red curtains and one by one, the Deaf actors step onto the stage. The actors sign large and crisply, introducing their troupe […] More

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  • Deafness And Space Exploration: A Love Affair Of The Century

    How close is the relationship between the Deaf community and NASA? It’s a lot closer than you may think.

    Did you know that we have a comet named after a deaf man? That would be Hassel’s Comet. Did you know that astronomers today would never have had the Harvard Classification Scheme for cataloguing the stars if it wasn’t for a deaf astronomer named Annie Jump Cannon? And not to mention notable deaf astronomers Robert […] More

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  • List of Academy Award Films With Sign Language In History of Oscars

    This year’s sign language film has 13 nominations-the most ever of any film with Sign Language!

    At this year’s Academy Awards, the dreamy film The Shape of Water  with its 13 nominations has the highest number of nominations that any film with sign language has had in the history of the Academy! There have been winners and nominations with deaf characters and sign language since the Academy was established in 1928, only […] More

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  • Did You Know How Deaf Smith County in Texas Come to Be?

    In the early ’90s, it was home to Texas’ best peanut butter

    What? There’s a county in the United States named after a deaf person? That’s the first thought most of us have upon finding out the existence of Deaf Smith County, Texas. Deaf Smith County is indeed named after a deaf soldier by the name of Erastus “Deaf” Smith-pronounced as “Dif” Smith! He was the first […] More

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  • Hollywood’s Latest Love Story Is About Sign Language Users

    The latest fairy tale love story may be Guillermo Del Toro’s masterpiece yet

    December 7, 2017—Guillermo Del Toro’s latest fairy tale love story The Shape of Water will be released in theaters across the nation. The film takes place in Baltimore, Maryland during the 1960s Cold War and centers around a mute janitor who works at a high-security laboratory within the government. She uses sign language for communication […] More

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  • Did You Know These Horror Movies Have Deaf Characters?

    Just in time for Halloween!

    Halloween is right around the corner! Among the plethora of thrillers, horrors, and suspenseful action films there are a few that feature deaf characters-we’ve scouted them out and listed them by their average score from critics. Here is a list of the films from lowest to highest review scores-all scores are taken from IMDB and […] More

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  • Cool Facts about American Sign Language

    Its benefits are surprising!

    Who benefits from ASL? Necessity is the mother of invention; sign language is used by many people and even creatures! 1. It’s another process than spoken languages due to its visual and spatial nature and exercises a different part of the brain. 2. ASL was originally invented for deaf communication-80% of deaf babies are born […] More

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  • Did you know this about Deaf Soldiers?

    In honor of Memorial day

    Today is Memorial Day, the day out of each year that United States citizens take a pause and remember all the lives sacrificed for their country. Today is also a great day to learn some interesting bits of long-forgotten history about deaf citizens! Did you know that the US Civil War was the last recorded […] More

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  • Top 10 Deaf Women in History You Need to Know About For International Women’s Day

    Learn about these famous women who changed the course of history!

    History textbooks used in American schools tend to be focused on hearing male history, which is why International Women’s Day and Deaf History Month were established, so we don’t forget the incredible individuals who made history as well! This list is focused on Deaf women who made history-see if you know about half of them. […] More

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