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  • Japan’s Deaf Bus Driver Breaks Barriers

    Japan’s First Deaf Bus Driver Takeyama Matsuyama dreamed of being a bus driver since he was young; he rode the bus during his youth and admired the drivers, thinking that “seemed very cool.” As soon as Japan removed the ban on deaf drivers, Matsuyama went ahead and learned how to drive and passed the test. […] More

  • Did You Know How Deaf Smith County in Texas Come to Be?

    What? There’s a county in the United States named after a deaf person? That’s the first thought most of us have upon finding out the existence of Deaf Smith County, Texas. Deaf Smith County is indeed named after a deaf soldier by the name of Erastus “Deaf” Smith-pronounced as “Dif” Smith! He was the first […] More

  • 8 Essential FCC Rules For VRS Interpreted For Your Awareness

    With the rise in video relay’s popularity, there are rules put in place by the FCC to protect consumers and their providers (Sorenson, ZVRS, Purple, Convo, etc.) The list below are some of the most recent rules and their interpretations: (NOTE: “Providers” are companies that provide the video relay service and equipment, such as Convo, […] More

  • Major Development for Deaf Emergency Access In Los Angeles

    The City of Los Angeles now has the Text-To-911 emergency contact available for the public and deaf and hard of hearing in Los Angeles, California. This means anyone can text to 911 in an emergency as long as they are in the city of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) urges the public, […] More

  • Running as The First Deaf Runner for NCAA’S Cross-Country Title

    November 18, 2017– The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division III cross-country race will be held in Elsah, Illinois. Student athletes from all over the nation will be there to compete, including the deaf runner Otto Kingstedt. Otto Kingstedt is a deaf student from Sweden who is currently studying at Rochester Institute of Technology. He is […] More

  • Virgin Active Says Sorry For Deaf Model’s Photoshop Gaffe

    Virgin Active, one of Sir Richard Branson’s companies, ran a campaign to advertise the health club chain and hired a South African deaf model. That model is former Miss Deaf South Africa 2012: Simone Botha Welgemoed. Virgin Active’s graphic department edited the photos to remove her cochlear implant with the final results showing no indication […] More

  • Did You Know These Horror Movies Have Deaf Characters?

    Halloween is right around the corner! Among the plethora of thrillers, horrors, and suspenseful action films there are a few that feature deaf characters-we’ve scouted them out and listed them by their average score from critics. Here is a list of the films from lowest to highest review scores-all scores are taken from IMDB and […] More

  • 12 Video Chat Apps With Pros and Cons To Know About

    One of the most popularly used communication tools in the recent few years is Video calling. It is easy, convenient, and the best way to communicate with your loved ones and friends. With the introduction of Video calling, connecting with people from around the world became way more transformed than ever. In this modern age, […] More

  • Pasadena’s ASL Program Declared To Continue

    Pasadena, California, the Board of Education’s meeting room overflowed with ASL speakers and supporters. A total of 48 speaking cards were submitted before the meeting began, more cards were filled during the meeting, creating an overflow of intended speakers. Because of this, each speaker was allowed only two minutes to make time for everyone to […] More

  • Ford Motor Company Funds Initiative For Deaf Employment in Germany

    Six months ago, Ford Motor Company awarded a program at the University of Cologne for the 2017 Ford College Community Challenge. The University’s program’s objective is to help deaf citizens gain entry into the hospitality industry such as restaurants, hotels, and cafes. Today, the program is still operating in the city. It began when a group […] More

  • Google’s Home Picture Picture Has “I Love You” ASL Sign

    March 31, 2017— Today Google announced the winner of their annual contest, Doodle 4 Google: Sarah Harrison from Connecticut with her drawing “A Peaceful Future.” This year’s theme was “what I see for the future:” ? Let’s hear it for Sarah Harrison, whose vision of “a peaceful future” is our #Doodle4Google contest winner! […] More

  • First Ever Deaf Golfer Competes In PGA Genesis Open

    Kevin Hall is confident about his first time in a PGA tour at the Genesis Open in Pacific Palisades, California. When asked why, he says it’s because no matter what happens he’s very happy to have made it this far. Hall became deaf at 2 years old and started learning golf at 9 years old. […] More

  • ZVRS Buys Out Purple Communications

    February 14, 2017–Purple Communications, one of the original video relay systems for deaf communications, has been acquired by ZVRS. Both companies have agreed to work together to improve relay services for the deaf community and feel that they can achieve more if they shared technology and information together. What does this mean for Purple customers? […] More