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  • First Ever Deaf Golfer Competes In PGA Genesis Open

    February 16, 2017 in Pacific Palisades, California is a historic moment for deaf golfers

    Kevin Hall is confident about his first time in a PGA tour at the Genesis Open in Pacific Palisades, California. When asked why, he says it’s because no matter what happens he’s very happy to have made it this far. Hall became deaf at 2 years old and started learning golf at 9 years old. […] More

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  • ZVRS Buys Out Purple Communications

    In this morning’s announcement, ZVRS has confirmed acquisition of Purple

    February 14, 2017–Purple Communications, one of the original video relay systems for deaf communications, has been acquired by ZVRS. Both companies have agreed to work together to improve relay services for the deaf community and feel that they can achieve more if they shared technology and information together. What does this mean for Purple customers? […] More

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  • Jackie Chan’s Big Sign Language Hit At Chinese New Year Festival

    The song was signed in Chinese Sign Language and performed by students

    Jackie Chan, the actor, sang in Chinese Sign Language this year on China’s largest broadcasting network, CCTV’s Gala special celebrating the Chinese New Year. The song is nationalistic, Chan sings about his love for China and pride in being a citizen. This was not the only song sung at the gala; there were several famous […] More

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  • The Top 5 Good Things That Happened For the Deaf In 2016

    This has been quite a year of changes, some good and some bad. We’d like to kick off the New Year with a list of positive things that happened in 2016! For the first time in television history, a deaf celebrity won a dancing show America already loved Nyle DiMarco when he proved his modeling […] More

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  • 70 to 280: How 11 Deaf Employees Helped Manila’s Street Safety

    Manila is the capital of the island country, the Philippines and it is a large metropolitan hub–which means heavy traffic in the streets are the norm. Motorists and cars sharing the roads cause congestion, ranking the city in 12th place in the world for the worst traffic (List by Country on Numbeo.) Because of this, […] More

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  • Rate of Deafness Among Children Is At An All-Time High in China

    Chinese children are becoming deaf at an alarming rate of 30,000 per year since 2008. The reason may surprise you: improper use of antibiotics. Imagine that it’s winter time and you are the parent of sick children who have missed a week of school already and they need something stronger than the usual home remedies […] More

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  • CERT Training – An Essential For Every Community

    CERT, or Community Emergency Response Teams, is an essential training that many in a community should take. The CERT Training has been designed by experts from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to educate individuals and help them prepare for emergencies and hazardous situations. Every area and location is prone to certain hazards and being prepared […] More

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  • Fujitsu’s Ontenna Could Make The Deaf Hear Again

    It’s easy to pass up the small prototype at Japan’s Ceatec electronics show. It was surrounded by the latest advances in robotics, commuting and image projection technologies. However, even if the tiny prototype was the least advanced gadget on display, it’s arguably the most innovative gadget on display. The Ontenna, the name of the small […] More

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  • East Ham Teenager Becomes a Champion For The Deaf

    Being deaf in some places means being locked up and neglected. Sanjeeda Choudhury, an 18 year old from East Ham, England set out on a mission to make sure deaf people in Kenya don’t suffer through such pain again. Choudhury is Deaf, and for the last three months she actively fought for the rights of […] More

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  • A Woman with Facial Tumor Uses Sign Language to Communicate

    Marimar Quiroa, a 21-year-old Californian woman who was born with a cystic hygroma, a birth defect that causes a tumor in her face. Although it’s possible to remove the abnormal tissue, the problem is that the tumor can return. Besides, it’s still growing. After years hiding at home from many people, she decided it was […] More

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  • Koe No Katachi is Japan’s First-Ever Captioned Anime for Deaf Audiences

    This is the first time in history that Japan has captioned an animated film for nationwide theaters

    Japan just premiered their first-ever nationwide captioned animated movie in theaters with Koe no Katachi.  This film was borne from the theme of disability and bullying, it’s about a girl who is deaf and the title literally translates to A Silent Voice (or The Shape of Voice.) The story is from a manga (comic) written […] More

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  • The Story of a Deaf Refugee from Iraq

    Lawand is a six-year old deaf boy who fled persecution in Iraq

    A Refugee’s Integration into the UK We all hear about the refugees that are trying to get in in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, and how they are escaping from ISIS. However, we tend to only see them as numbers. We see the number increasing, more people “invading” Europe. What we don’t understand is […] More

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  • The iPhone 7 is Knocking: What You Should Expect on September 7

    The next generation of the iPhone is guaranteed to be revolutionary

    Come September 7, Apple will unveil its next line of iPhone- the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. With the debut date just on the horizon, details about the new smartphone are flying around the internet space at a very high pace. We’ve heard some rumors, which have given us a glimpse of what you should […] More

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