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  • 8 Essential FCC Rules For VRS Interpreted For Your Awareness

    Some laws to keep in mind for the consumer.

    With the rise in video relay’s popularity, there are rules put in place by the FCC to protect consumers and their providers (Sorenson, ZVRS, Purple, Convo, etc.) The list below are some of the most recent rules and their interpretations: (NOTE: “Providers” are companies that provide the video relay service and equipment, such as Convo, […] More

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  • 2017’s Winner of KIA’s Idea Festival Is A Built-In Car Program For Deaf Drivers

    Watch for these features in KIA’s future cars

    October 18, 2017- In Seoul, KIA announced the winner for their 8th annual innovation festival: Symphony (also known as SYM:PONY,) a built-in car system tailored for deaf drivers. Every year, engineers from South Korea’s KIA, Hyundai, and Genesis companies gather in Seoul to apply their talents and latest technologies towards improving KIA’s, Hyundai’s, and Genesis’ […] More

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  • 12 Video Chat Apps With Pros and Cons To Know About

    Pros and cons-we have them here

    One of the most popularly used communication tools in the recent few years is Video calling. It is easy, convenient, and the best way to communicate with your loved ones and friends. With the introduction of Video calling, connecting with people from around the world became way more transformed than ever. In this modern age, […] More

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  • Meet Egypt’s Only Dentist and How She Beat All Odds

    Esraa won the battle against all odds to become Egypt’s only deaf dentist

    Meet Esraa, currently Egypt’s only deaf dentist. Esraa has one strong goal: to prove to her country and the rest of the world that a deaf person can become a dentist. She has already accomplished her goal repeatedly with every patient who enters her dental office! In Egypt, Esraa was labeled as “unfit” upon discovering […] More

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  • Google’s Home Picture Picture Has “I Love You” ASL Sign

    This year’s winning image for Doodle 4 Google features people from all different walks of life

    March 31, 2017— Today Google announced the winner of their annual contest, Doodle 4 Google: Sarah Harrison from Connecticut with her drawing “A Peaceful Future.” This year’s theme was “what I see for the future:” ? Let’s hear it for Sarah Harrison, whose vision of “a peaceful future” is our #Doodle4Google contest winner! […] More

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  • ZVRS Buys Out Purple Communications

    In this morning’s announcement, ZVRS has confirmed acquisition of Purple

    February 14, 2017–Purple Communications, one of the original video relay systems for deaf communications, has been acquired by ZVRS. Both companies have agreed to work together to improve relay services for the deaf community and feel that they can achieve more if they shared technology and information together. What does this mean for Purple customers? […] More

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