Chris Fonseca for Smirnoff Commerical Spot

Chris Fonseca, a deaf dance teacher in England, was featured on Smirnoff’s commercial spot for their vodka products.

Fonseca teaches dance in London, he stated in this documentary-advertisement that he just went for it and opened his own studio. He got both deaf and hearing students learning how to dance from him, learning how to feel the music’s beats. He has been a street dancer, focusing on hip hop for a long time and has performed at events like DeafFest in London. He also has appeared in several short films for his dance abilities.


Smirnoff decided to go with the theme of “Inclusion” for this year’s ad campaign, and this year the focus is on the Deaf culture. For the previous years, they focused mainly on the gay community and supported them. This time, it’s the Deaf community. Smirnoff’s goal is to reach out to as many people as possible while showcasing talents at the same time.

It looks like 2016 is the year for the Deaf community to shine!


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