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Phones are an important part of communication-it’s how we stay in touch with each other and gives us access for emergencies! But phone shopping can get tiresome, so we’ve made it simple for you to see the plans from the major companies in the US. Easier for you to find the plan that fits you best!




AT&T has a plan specially designed for their Deaf customers called Text Accessibility Plan or TAP for short.

Only for iPhone devices, no tablets or Android.

iPhone 4S, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus only. All incoming voice calls will be blocked.

24-36 month contract depending on plan.

All Plans include:

-unlimited text
-visual voicemail
-40¢ per minute for voice calls

$40/ month
-300mb Internet and Email
-FaceTime available only on wifi
•$20/300mb penalty for going over data limit

-3GB Internet and Email
-FaceTime supported on Cellular data, don’t need wifi to run FaceTime
•$10/GB penalty for going over data limit

-5GB Internet and Email
-FaceTime on Cellular data supported
•$10/GB penalty for going over data limit

-8GB Internet and Email
-FaceTime supported
•$10/GB penalty for going over data limit

AT&T’s Tap Plan:

Sprint recommends the Data plan if you do not make voice calls.


The Data plan includes:
-Unlimited email
-Unlimited Internet access
-Unlimited Instant Messaging
-Unlimited Domestic Text and Picture messaging
-All calls are blocked on the device except for 911
-If you make a call, you will be charged 20¢/minute for any calls in the USA. International calls will be charged 40¢/minute
-Access to wireless Captel

Sprint also recommends the following devices:

-Samsung Galaxy S 5-6
-iPhone 5S or higher

Data Plans:

• Must contact the Sprint store. This is because you’re buying their phones on a payment plan with an extra $10 for data to the monthly bill.

Sprint’s Accessibility Information:

Sprint’s Data Plan Information:
Verizon offers two different sets of plans- one for basic phones, the other for smartphones. Both are 24 month contracts.

Basic phones:

-Unlimited text, picture, and video messaging
-Unlimited instant messaging
-150 MB data ($15/150 MB penalty for going over)
-Mobile Web 2.0 browsing
-Personal email (Yahoo, AOL, or Verizon email)
-Voice calls at 40¢/minute

Smartphones (iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and similar):

$54.99/month – 2GB data
$69.99/month – 2GB data and corporate Email
$74.99/month – 5GB data
-Unlimited Text Messaging, Video and Picture Messaging
-Voice 25¢/minute
-Data overage is $10 per 1 GB of data if you go over your plan allowance.

• Mobile Hotspot with 2GB data/month can be added to this plan for an extra $20/month.

Verizon website:



T-Mobile offers data plans that do not require contracts. Instead, you are responsible for paying for the phone either upfront or on a monthly plan.

-Unlimited data, there will be no charge for going over the data limit. The data you pay for is high speed. When you pass the amount, you’ll be on low-speed data. This includes texting, email, and internet.

-Data plan works in Canada, US, and Mexico with no charges


Simple Data Plan

2 GB data – $50/month

Simple Data above 2 GB will have Binge On, an add on for free unlimited video streaming on popular services like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu and more without using your high-speed data:

6 GB data – $65/month

10 GB data – $80/month

Unlimited data – $95/month

• These plans do not include the cost of the phone itself

T-Mobile’s Simple Data Plan:

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