Faster Drinks, Less Mistakes Starbucks

1. Reload your card/app first, if you have one. If you do it in the store after ordering, the cashier has to start over with the transaction. If you already loaded your card or app before, you won’t be stuck at the front for a long time!



2. Order your food first. Your food can be warmed while the cashier is taking your drinks order!



3. Have your drink list ready to show the cashier. If you follow this cheat sheet, the cashier will be able to process your order much faster!

SIZE – use either Small, Medium, Large or Tall, Grande, Venti
HOT OR COLD? Hot or cold drink? This makes sure the barista gets the right cup.
EXTRAS – shots of espresso, pump of flavor, or other extras? Say it now.
DRINK TYPE – Latte, Frappucino, or Mocha? Finish the order with which drink you want.
WRITE YOUR NAME! This way the barista knows the correct name to use to call you!


4. If you’re in a rush, just order a coffee or tea. No preparation needed. They’ll just fill a cup for you and you can be on your way!


*TIP! Never say “regular.” Always say the size shown in the store. This will prevent confusion!

Lastly, BE PATIENT especially if you order more than one drink!



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