Sound Shirt – German Symphony Hall Tests New Device for Deaf

and it’s called the Sound Shirt

In Hamburg, Germany, a new device for the Deaf was tested. It’s the Sound Shirt; when worn, the wearer can feel the vibrations amplified from the music being played in the orchestra.

The Junge Symphoniker Hamburg lent their music prowess to test the shirt with a small group of deaf individuals to see how it works–as seen in the video, all seemed to enjoy it and look forward to more!

Currently, Sound Shirt is offering their product for rent at the music hall in Hamburg-if you are interested in it, simply go to their website and fill out your email address. They’ll get in touch with you and plan a date when you can visit and use the shirt! The website is available in both German and English.

Definitely worth adding to your list of things to do if you ever visit Hamburg, Germany!

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