Google’s Home Picture Picture Has “I Love You” ASL Sign

This year’s winning image for Doodle 4 Google features people from all different walks of life

March 31, 2017— Today Google announced the winner of their annual contest, Doodle 4 Google: Sarah Harrison from Connecticut with her drawing “A Peaceful Future.” This year’s theme was “what I see for the future:”

Notice what’s in the background? That’s right-hands making the sign for “I love you!”

Sarah Harrison explained her artwork, which features a person in a wheelchair, an amputee, a Muslim person with a Jewish person, a transgendered person, a Christian/Catholic, a person of color, and a person with a cane and shadows of hands in the background making signs of love:

My future is a world where we can all learn to love each other despite our religion, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality. I dream of a future where everyone is safe and accepted wherever they go, whoever they are.

When I started, I was thinking of how there’s a lot of animosity toward diverse communities of people in the world right now. So I wanted to draw something that I hoped would show that we can all get along well, and that it’s possible for us to be happy with each other. I want everyone try to be more open, accepting, and respectful to people. You don’t know what they’ve been through – and they don’t know what you’ve been through — so we all deserve respect from each other.

It was her explanation that won over the judges at Google as it fit everything that the Google company believes in.

Doodle 4 Google is a yearly contest for young artists and their schools across the United States. Each year, Google decides on a theme for the artists to interpret and submit, then Google selects a winner and uses the winning artwork on the home page. The winner gets a $30,000 college scholarship and his or her school receives $50,000 funding for their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs.

Each runner-up gets a $5,000 scholarship.


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