Introducing Sorenson’s Ntouch VP2: What to Expect and How to Upgrade

The telecommunications company for the Deaf, Sorenson VRS, has announced the release of its new product: the NTouch VP2.


Ntouch VP2 is a major upgrade from the original Ntouch VP, which was quite revolutionary when it was first released. While the Ntouch VP2 will keep the original Sorenson system that makes it easy to use, there are many more options that are featured in the Ntouch VP2. Here are the features that make it worth your time to upgrade:

Greatly Improved Video Quality

The camera technology has improved exponentially in a few short years, and Sorenson has caught up with the latest camera tech. Now the video calls will support 1080HD, meaning the video quality will be much clearer and not blurry or color-blocked.

Group Chat

This one is a major feature! No more group texts and emailing or calling each member individually to set up plans. Just call up to 4 people at the same time to start a group video chat, and you can make plans easily and save time with this option.

Wireless Connection

Tired of all the cables and wires running from room to room to connect to your modem? Ntouch VP2 is the first to have wireless connection, meaning it will have the option to connect to your internet via WiFi.

New Remote and Optional Bluetooth Devices


The Ntouch VP2 will come with a new remote that works better than the old one and with less buttons on it. No more confusing buttons that you never use anyways!

Also, the Ntouch VP2 has built-in Bluetooth technology which means you can connect a device like a keyboard to the VP. How’s that for accessible?


Yes, you read that right: there will be built-in screensavers. No more black screen with the Sorenson logo floating across your television screen. Instead, you can choose which image you want to display: a warm fireplace, a gorgeous view of the mountains, and a sandy beach with palm trees are just a few of the options available.


Color Options for the Ring Tone

Red, pink, blue, purple, green, or the classic white flashing lights-you pick what you want! There are 8 colors total to choose from if you’re bored with the traditional white flashing lights.

It all sounds great, how do I upgrade or apply for one?

If you are currently a Sorenson customer, please wait for Customer Services to contact you for your upgrade. You will be asked to trade in your Ntouch VP1 for the new VP2. If you need more information, Customer Service can be reached at 611.

If you are a new customer, you will need to fill out an application on Sorenson’s website: Apply for Sorenson’s Ntouch VP2

Official information about Ntouch VP2: Sorenson Video Relay Official Website


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