Jackie Chan’s Big Sign Language Hit At Chinese New Year Festival

The song was signed in Chinese Sign Language and performed by students

Jackie Chan, the actor, sang in Chinese Sign Language this year on China’s largest broadcasting network, CCTV’s Gala special celebrating the Chinese New Year.

The song is nationalistic, Chan sings about his love for China and pride in being a citizen. This was not the only song sung at the gala; there were several famous pop stars at the event as well with their own songs about different topics and issues. Chan’s song was the biggest hit because it was the only song that acknowledged China’s major efforts to improve special education within the previous year.

2016 was the year China made an extra effort to improve special education with deafness in children on the rise; more schools have been modified to accommodate deaf students and there is wider acceptance of sign language.

Chan’s performance at CCTV (China’s broadcasting network) was a big nod to the recent acceptance of the deaf community. The dancers who performed with Chan on stage are actually students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China!

On Weibo, China’s largest social network like Facebook, people applauded CCTV and Jackie Chan for the inclusion of Chinese Sign Language and at the same time noting that Chan needs to tuck his thumbs in while signing “nation!”

Chan is famous for his Hong Kong and American films such as Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, Drunken Master, and Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon.

Sources: The Shanghaiist
China Film Insider’s Review of CCTV’s Gala Special

Happy Lunar New Year!



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  1. Exceptional gestures by legendary actor Jackie Chan to support deaf people!! Every member of the society should them importance. The role of dignitaries and celebrities is vital. Thanks Mr. Chan for great work!

    • Very well said Samuel! I recon celebrities can play a vital role in this context. They should come forward to encourage deaf people with their positive gestures.

  2. I actually watched the event live. It was really interesting, amazing and fun. Just wondering if the video is available.

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