7 High Quality Superhero T-shirts In ASL Coming Soon!

Everyone’s a hero-these shirts show the world that fact!

Ever dream about wearing a superhero shirt but in your language?

That’s what the creator of the Hero Shirts did. Now there are seven designs to choose from in ASL: Superman, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, and Hulk.

The designs are developed to show off the hand signs for each hero’s name and each design is screen printed on 100% cotton shirts. There are options for Wonder Woman and Hulk; Wonder Woman comes in a choice of crewneck or ladies’ v-neck and Hulk comes in purple or green.

The prices for the shirts average at an affordable $18 (be on the lookout for sales that pop up throughout the year) and the sizes run from XS to XXL.

They can be purchased here:

  1. Superman

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman!

  2. Wonder Woman
    Be strong of heart and value honor and truth with either the crewneck or ladies’ v-neck!
  3. Batman
    Repeat after me: I am the night, I am fear itself, I am BATMAN!
  4. Captain America
    Like apple pie, football games, and true values, this shirt is as American as the Captain himself.
  5. Spiderman
    Spin a few webs and pop a wisecrack and make Spiderman jealous of your wit.
  6. Hulk
    HULK LIKE, HULK WEAR!! Available in green and purple.
  7. Superboy
    Superman’s younger clone has never looked so sleek and cool than this!


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