Meet Egypt’s Only Dentist and How She Beat All Odds

Esraa won the battle against all odds to become Egypt’s only deaf dentist

Meet Esraa, currently Egypt’s only deaf dentist.

Esraa has one strong goal: to prove to her country and the rest of the world that a deaf person can become a dentist. She has already accomplished her goal repeatedly with every patient who enters her dental office!

In Egypt, Esraa was labeled as “unfit” upon discovering her deafness and was rejected from every mainstream school. Her mother saw her brilliance and potential, she took Esraa to Bahrain for her education. In Bahrain, she was mainstreamed in school and worked her way to college-which she was rejected from every single one again.

Again Esraa was met with the challenge of getting into a college with the major of her choice: dentistry. Dentistry is one of the toughest fields to enter and train for successfully with the rampant discrimination against the disabled in Egypt. She submitted her application and was met with rejection from every single one until she finally found one that accepted her application.

She graduated already and is now working in a dental office professionally, where her patients claim that working with her is the same as working with her hearing coworkers.

In Esraa’s own words, “anything is possible.

Video source: BBC News




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