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  • Rate of Deafness Among Children Is At An All-Time High in China

    Chinese children are becoming deaf at an alarming rate of 30,000 per year since 2008. The reason may surprise you: improper use of antibiotics. Imagine that it’s winter time and you are the parent of sick children who have missed a week of school already and they need something stronger than the usual home remedies […] More

  • 8 Deaf Villages Around The World And How They Came to Be

    Some are born deaf because of a spontaneous genetic mutation; some are due to the gene for deafness being very dominant in their families. There are many villages around the world that have high rates of deafness. What intensified this situation is that in many of the villages the majorities of the members are carriers […] More

  • Fujitsu’s Ontenna Could Make The Deaf Hear Again

    It’s easy to pass up the small prototype at Japan’s Ceatec electronics show. It was surrounded by the latest advances in robotics, commuting and image projection technologies. However, even if the tiny prototype was the least advanced gadget on display, it’s arguably the most innovative gadget on display. The Ontenna, the name of the small […] More

  • East Ham Teenager Becomes a Champion For The Deaf

    Being deaf in some places means being locked up and neglected. Sanjeeda Choudhury, an 18 year old from East Ham, England set out on a mission to make sure deaf people in Kenya don’t suffer through such pain again. Choudhury is Deaf, and for the last three months she actively fought for the rights of […] More

  • A Woman with Facial Tumor Uses Sign Language to Communicate

    Marimar Quiroa, a 21-year-old Californian woman who was born with a cystic hygroma, a birth defect that causes a tumor in her face. Although it’s possible to remove the abnormal tissue, the problem is that the tumor can return. Besides, it’s still growing. After years hiding at home from many people, she decided it was […] More

  • The Story of a Deaf Refugee from Iraq

    A Refugee’s Integration into the UK We all hear about the refugees that are trying to get in in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, and how they are escaping from ISIS. However, we tend to only see them as numbers. We see the number increasing, more people “invading” Europe. What we don’t understand is […] More

  • The Top 5 Cutest Deaf Dogs

    Awww! Who can resist those wagging tails? Deafness in dogs are generally a result of a genetic mutation found in the merle and albino colorings, although all breeds carry the potential of congenial and late-life deafness. Now deaf dogs are gaining popularity due to an increase in public awareness and accessibility to Sign Language in […] More

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