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  • Social Security Expected to Dry Up

    SSI/SSDI Benefits for everyone could be reduced by almost 25% when funds run out Social Security has had a surplus set aside for emergencies like the Great Recession, and it is the current hot topic with more people depending on Social Security since the Great Depression. Everyone is wondering the same thing: when will it […] More

  • Remembering: The Deaf Little Mermaid

    Remember who else was on the show? Walt Disney Studios’ The Little Mermaid was a box office hit when it was released in theaters in 1989. This launched a television series in 1993 with more adventures of Ariel’s and her friends before the movie. The usual gang headlined the show: Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, and Scuttle […] More

  • Florida Senate Pass Bill for Deaf Symbol on Driver Licenses

    Starting July 1, 2016, all deaf residents of Florida will be able to get the international symbol for “deaf” on their driver licenses. The Florida Senate passed the bill CS/HB 487 “Persons Who Are Deaf” with the identical bill SB 740. Both proposed the use of the international deaf symbol for driver licenses to assist […] More

  • Chris Fonseca for Smirnoff Commerical Spot

    Chris Fonseca, a deaf dance teacher in England, was featured on Smirnoff’s commercial spot for their vodka products. Fonseca teaches dance in London, he stated in this documentary-advertisement that he just went for it and opened his own studio. He got both deaf and hearing students learning how to dance from him, learning how to […] More

  • Woman Tired Of Questions, Gets Tattoo Instead

    This woman wins for creative thinking of a solution to a problem she had! Elisa Menzel, a woman in the UK who was born deaf in one ear, was so tired of people mistaking which ear she could hear in. Her solution? Get a tattoo to let the world know which ear she’s deaf in. […] More

  • Deaf Boy Wins a Spot in the Scripps National Spelling Bee 2016

    Neil Maes from South Carolina just won a spot in the Scripps National Spelling Bee A young boy from South Carolina just won the National Spelling Bee, beating out many other children vying for spots in the Scripps competition. That boy is Neil Maes. Maes, a fifth grader, was born deaf. He has cochlear implants […] More

  • Deaf Filipino Artist Wows People With Nails

    Check out amazing nail art by this Filipino artist! Joey Felipe is a deaf artist in the Philippines-he creates art from nails and string. Carefully planning of the image and positioning of the nails are what make the art. He also works with other mediums too, not just nails as seen in the video. He […] More

  • Nyle DiMarco for People Magazine

    Check it out, People Magazine did a spot on the latest winner of Dancing With the Stars! Nyle DiMarco, the deaf model who won both America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars did an interview spot with the popular celebrity magazine People Magazine. Here, you can see him talk about his feeling on […] More

  • Sound Shirt – German Symphony Hall Tests New Device for Deaf

    and it’s called the Sound Shirt In Hamburg, Germany, a new device for the Deaf was tested. It’s the Sound Shirt; when worn, the wearer can feel the vibrations amplified from the music being played in the orchestra. The Junge Symphoniker Hamburg lent their music prowess to test the shirt with a small group of […] More

  • Canada Denies Filipina Residency Because Her Daughter is Deaf

    Canada’s government stated “it would have been a burden on the government’s funding for special education.” A mom came to Canada in 2007 to participate in the Canadian Caregiver Program with the dream of giving her deaf daughter a better life. The Canadian Caregiver Program hired many foreign workers to help with live-in care services […] More

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