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  • 7UP hosts concert for the Deaf

    7UP teams up with musician Martin Garrix to create an environment where Deaf can fully appreciate a music concert Martin Garrix is a musician from the Netherlands; he was inspired to create an experience for the deaf to enjoy music. He teamed up with the major soda company 7UP and hired experimental artists to recreate […] More

  • Zach LaVine involved with the Deaf Community

    Minnesota Timberwolves and UCLA graduate Zach LaVine has a program with The Metro Deaf School Zach LaVine, the basketball player on the Minnesota Timberwolves, revealed that he learned ASL in high school and has been involved in the Deaf community since then. The kids are excited as he enters the school and he greets them, […] More

  • 2 St. Patrick’s Day facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

    Fun facts about this green, pinch-anyone-not-wearing-green day! There are 2 leaf clovers, 3 leaf clovers, and even one with 14 leaves! (The 14 leaf clover is currently listed in the Guinness World Records book for the most leaves on a clover ever discovered!) But why do the Irish favor 4-leaf clovers? It’s because the Irish […] More

  • New Sign Language Created in Arab Village

    A Sign Language was created out of necessity in this Arab village It was discovered in a remote Arab village that deafness was a high occurrence in the population (4% of the village’s population are born deaf.) As a result, a complete sign language was developed in one generation! To best understand how amazing this […] More

  • Chinese Airline Has Sign Language

    Air China was one of the first airlines to provide Sign Language to their Deaf customers Sign Language on a Chinese Plane. Posted by Deaf Civilization on Friday, November 21, 2014 Chinese airlines have provided safety videos in their national Sign Language for many years; they are one of the first countries to do so. The […] More

  • Deaf Woman on “Let’s Make a Deal”

    Lorena Palma is the lucky contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal!” Here’s a video of me, Super Carlos Greenham, and Lorena Palma: Let’s Make a Deal (TV Shows).. Enjoy. 🙂 Posted by Amanda Maldonado on Friday, March 18, 2016 Lorena Palma had the wonderful opportunity to appear on last night’s “Let’s Make a Deal,” here’s the […] More

  • Starbucks Drinks for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

    Recipes for you to save to your mobile device in case your Starbucks needs it! St. Patrick’s Day is the day we turn everything green and celebrate Ireland’s independence! Green beer, green food, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirts, and green everything! What about green Starbucks drinks? Sure there’s the Green Tea Frappuccino, but what if […] More

  • Girl Signs at Concert For Her Deaf Friend

    Friends helping out friends! This young woman, Keelin, is at a concert with her friend Monica called TomorrowWorld. It’s an EDM (electronic dance music) concert with a variety of music, of which both Keelin and Monica enjoy. Yet Monica doesn’t catch all the words, and this is where her friend Keelin steps in. Keelin started […] More

  • Starbucks Barista Learns Sign Language for Deaf Customer

    Talk about being a responsible citizen in the town! This Starbucks barista noticed a Deaf man who shows up frequently in Leesburg, Virginia. She decided to learn ASL by watching videos on Youtube. When she was confident enough, she signed to the man and took his order. The man was very surprised and happy, the […] More

  • Chick-fil-A cashier uses Sign Language

    A young lady ordered her first meal without feeling uncomfortable thanks to the cashier In Fayetteville, North Carolina a young woman was never comfortable with ordering food. She says when she starts signing, people stare and it makes her very uncomfortable. Her parents have done the ordering for her, until they went into Chick-fil-A and […] More

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