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  • Mexico Hires Deaf for Emergency Services

    In Mexico, an emergency services station has hired Deaf workers to monitor the videos, saying that disability is not a limitation and everyone can work. Surveillance is especially a good fit for the Deaf, as most have sharp eyes and can catch things quickly.   For a more in-depth article, please visit:’s article More

  • In-N-Out’s Secret Menu Items

    In-N-Out has a secret menu that is not so secret anymore! This video from Food Beast shows how many options there are: 3×3 Like a Double Cheeseburger, this 3×3 has 3 beef patties and 3 slices of cheese with your choice of onion or no onion. Animal Fries Animal Fries is a french fries side […] More

  • What You Need to Know for the Best Airline Service

    Before flying, ALWAYS inform your airline that you are deaf! No matter which airline you’re flying with, make sure to notify them early. The airline wil greatly appreciate it as it makes the boarding process go much more smoothly for you and them. Happy airlines mean happy customers! Remember it’s against the law for anyone […] More

  • Native Americans and Sign Language

    Native Americans needed it for communication back then! Originally the Native Americans developed sign language to use with other tribes because they each spoke a different language. The sign language system became very useful for communicating with the new European settlers. Communication was important for trading and survival, they developed a sign language that was […] More

  • Compare the Plans – Phone Contracts

    Phones are an important part of communication-it’s how we stay in touch with each other and gives us access for emergencies! But phone shopping can get tiresome, so we’ve made it simple for you to see the plans from the major companies in the US. Easier for you to find the plan that fits you […] More

  • 11 Awesome Tips for Your Next McDonald’s Visit

    1. Want french fries that are hot and fresh out of the fryer? Ask for “fresh” fries. When you ask for it, they’ll make your french fries fresh instead of giving you the heavily salted fries that have been sitting on the side for a while. It’ll take an extra minute, but worth it for […] More

  • Faster Drinks, Less Mistakes Starbucks

    1. Reload your card/app first, if you have one. If you do it in the store after ordering, the cashier has to start over with the transaction. If you already loaded your card or app before, you won’t be stuck at the front for a long time!   2. Order your food first. Your food […] More

  • 5 Ways to Get the Best Airline Deals

    1. Book your flights two months before the trip. The longer you wait, the prices go up!     2. Be flexible with your trip date. Airfare varies by day, so pick the least expensive departure and return first then plan your trip!   3. The minute you see a good deal, get it! Great […] More

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