Starbucks Drinks for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Recipes for you to save to your mobile device in case your Starbucks needs it!


St. Patrick’s Day is the day we turn everything green and celebrate Ireland’s independence! Green beer, green food, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirts, and green everything! What about green Starbucks drinks?

Sure there’s the Green Tea Frappuccino, but what if you don’t like green tea? No problem! Just get a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a scoop of matcha powder-you won’t taste any green tea!

Another treat for you is the Captain Crunch Frap-yes, just like the cereal!

It’s sweet and crunchy and feels like you’re a kid eating the cereal all over again.

Below are the recipes for the St. Patrick’s Day Frap and the Captain Crunch drinks, download them and save them to your mobile.

That way, next time you’re at Starbucks you can show the barista the recipes and they’ll make it for you!

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