The Top 5 Cutest Deaf Dogs

Awww! Who can resist those wagging tails?

Deafness in dogs are generally a result of a genetic mutation found in the merle and albino colorings, although all breeds carry the potential of congenial and late-life deafness. Now deaf dogs are gaining popularity due to an increase in public awareness and accessibility to Sign Language in the mainstream. Or, you know, it could just be those wagging tails and adorable faces looking up at you. Here we go, the top 5 cutest deaf dogs on the Internet!

1. Seven the Canadian Agility Champion

Seven is a border collie who was surrendered to the shelter when she was discovered to be deaf as a puppy. The breeder told the shelter that she was “too deaf to train.” Rescuer and trainer Adina MacRae brought her home as a three-month old puppy and trained her for seven years, Seven finally became Canada’s Agility Trial Champion. Good girl, Seven!

2 &3. Walter the Great Dane and Cow the Pit Bull

Oh-M-G, FOUR cuties in one pack?! And two of the them are deaf! Walter and Cow are the deaf dogs in Joe’s house, and according to Joe they’re the best behaved in the pack.

4. Angelyne the Australian Cattle Dog

Born deaf, Angelyne was adopted by her master Eric, who is disabled himself from diabetic complications. No sign language was used, instead Eric developed a set of simple hand signals to train Angelyne with. It worked, as seen in the video! Owner and trainer Eric reports that she’s able to recognize over 60 cues varying from hand signals, facial expressions, flashing lights, and stomping of the feet. That’s one smart doggie!

5. Walter the Puppy

Awww, talk about a match meant to be. Walter was dumped at the shelter because of his deafness, a mom was looking for a companion for her deaf daughter and found Walter! Julia and Walter are the cutest BFFs (best friends forever!)

Deaf dogs are truly wonderful and loyal companions! A high number of owners have commented that deaf dogs are generally more alert and well-behaved. They do require a little bit more love and care and come with huge rewards in loyalty and kisses!

Would you consider adopting a deaf dog of your own? Discuss in the comments below!




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