What You Need to Know for the Best Airline Service

Before flying, ALWAYS inform your airline that you are deaf!

No matter which airline you’re flying with, make sure to notify them early. The airline wil greatly appreciate it as it makes the boarding process go much more smoothly for you and them. Happy airlines mean happy customers!


Remember it’s against the law for anyone with a special need to sit near an emergency exit. This is for everyone’s safety, yours included!


If you are traveling with a group of more than 5 and all of you are deaf, you MUST notify the airline 48 hours before the flight time.

You will be put in the priority line, meaning you get to board the plane first. When you arrive to your airline station, check in at the desk and let them know. They will guide you to the priority section.


When you board the plane, make sure the crew on board knows you are deaf. This way they can keep you in mind if something comes up.

If you have a certified hearing service dog with you, make sure to bring the license paperwork. The airline needs the paperwork to allow the dog. There should be no charge for this as the dog is trained and qualified to board a plane with you. If the dog has not been trained professionally, then they cannot fly with you.

That’s all! Happy flying, everyone!

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