Woman Tired Of Questions, Gets Tattoo Instead

This woman wins for creative thinking of a solution to a problem she had!


Elisa Menzel, a woman in the UK who was born deaf in one ear, was so tired of people mistaking which ear she could hear in.

Her solution? Get a tattoo to let the world know which ear she’s deaf in.

A creative solution if you ask us! The tattoo itself is very subtle and cute while getting the message across. As for solving the problem? Menzel said it did. She stated that once she got the tattoo, people got the hint and talked into her other ear. Even her boyfriend forgets and found the tattoo helpful in remembering which ear is the one!

After her photo went viral on Facebook, many others were inspired to get the same tattoo. And why not? It’s a good way to let the world know about your deafness in a funny, non-offensive way-there’s a tattoo idea for you if you were ever at a loss for one!

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