ZVRS Buys Out Purple Communications

In this morning’s announcement, ZVRS has confirmed acquisition of Purple

February 14, 2017–Purple Communications, one of the original video relay systems for deaf communications, has been acquired by ZVRS.

Both companies have agreed to work together to improve relay services for the deaf community and feel that they can achieve more if they shared technology and information together.

What does this mean for Purple customers?

Customers under Purple will stay under Purple, but will be sharing technical support and customer services with ZVRS. Purple customers will still keep their VRS numbers and equipment.

ZVRS customers will stay the same.

What does ZVRS expect? Why did Purple agree? 

ZVRS expects to increase support and access for the deaf community. To achieve this, they are focused on improving their technology and the VP functions. Purple agreed to pool resources and work together instead of against each other. In both companies’ eyes, the deaf community comes first.

More information with ASL videos can be found on ZVRS’ website: http://www.zvrs.com/acquisition/

One Comment

  1. Good news for deaf community !! ZVRS has already assured deaf people about increased support. Their aim is to make sure that more exposure is offered to deaf community so that they fully enjoy their communication. Great stuff!

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