Did You Know These Horror Movies Have Deaf Characters?

Just in time for Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner! Among the plethora of thrillers, horrors, and suspenseful action films there are a few that feature deaf characters-we’ve scouted them out and listed them by their average score from critics. Here is a list of the films from lowest to highest review scores-all scores are taken from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.


Film: Resident Evil 4: Retribution (USA, 2012)

In this zombie action-horror, Alice has a daughter who is deaf and uses sign language in this film. Bonus fact-the little girl who plays the daughter is the same actress as movie #3 on this list, Orphan! Score: 50%


Film: Night of the Vampires (Cave of the Living Dead, Germany 1964)

In this vampire horror, a series of deaths lead to a group of suspects: one of them is deaf. Score: 55%


Film: Orphan (USA, 2009)

In this domestic horror, there’s something very wrong with a deaf girl’s newly adopted sister. Bonus-the little girl who signs is the same actress as Alice’s daughter in Resident Evil 4: Retribution! Score: 60%


Film: Boy Missing (Secuestro, Spain, 2016)

Deaf boy goes missing in this thriller and is found with even more questions about his disappearance. Score: 63%


Film: Avenged (Savaged, USA, 2013)

A deaf girl is gang raped in this horror; an Apache spirit takes over her body and she gets revenge. Score: 73%


Film: Read My Lips (France, 2001)

In this crime thriller, a deaf office worker falls for an ex-convict looking to commit a crime again. Score: 74%


Film: Hush (USA, 2016)

A writer who happens to be deaf goes to a cabin to finish her novel where she is stalked by a murderer. Score: 94%

Let us know some of your favorites in the comments below!

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